Job Description

Gunnison Valley Hospital

HOSP Crested Butte Physical Therapy

Full Time

Day Shift


Job Details:
  • CPR or BLS (Basic Life Support)
    The physical therapist works with patients and clients who have impairments, functional limitations, disabilities or changes in physical function and health status resulting from injury, disease or other causes. The physical therapist evaluates and treats patients utilizing the parameters established by The Guide to Physical Therapy Practice and the Colorado State Practice Act within the parameters of the patient's insurance. The goal of the physical therapist is to alleviate discomfort and restore function, provide education on prevention and wellness issues.

    Education: Diploma BS or greater from an accredited program of Physical Therapy.

    Experience: Past experience in orthopedic physical therapy preferred though new graduates and specialists that meet business needs will be considered.

    Licenses/Certification: Must hold or be eligible for a valid Colorado State license. Maintenance of current CPR certification.

    • Demonstrates ability to present ideas and information in a concise, effective and interpersonally appropriate manner through written and oral forms.
    • Demonstrates the ability to take responsibility and ownership for the outcome of all actions and decisions with particular emphasis on customer satisfaction and fiscal performance.
    • Demonstrates the ability to support and implement effective change in order to enhance organizational performance.
    • Demonstrates the ability to work with others toward a shared purpose or goal by collaborating, partnering, or cooperating with others.
    • Complies with all federal, state and organization laws and standards with regard to patient privacy and HIPAA.
    • Demonstrates the ability to properly evaluate patients using established guidelines and best practices to determine a patient's need for skilled therapy, potential for progress, most appropriate frequency and duration of care taking insurance and financial issues into account. Evaluation methods in accordance with established guidelines
    • Completes documentation and billing of all visits within 24 hours of visit or prior to the patients' next visit, whichever comes first. Re-evaluates patients every 10 visits or if there is a significant change in a patient's status. Documents subjective and objective changes, progress toward goals, revision of goals when needed which support continued skilled care, if skilled care is continued, or discharge.
    • Identifies, defines and documents functional problems and functional goals. Documents and provides treatment directed at reaching these goals and justifies the related charges.
    • All goals are clear, measurable, with a realistic timeframe and at least one functional goal listed.
    • Designs individualized treatment and home exercise programs appropriate for goals listed.
    • Develops treatment and home exercise programs in collaboration with the patient/caregiver when appropriate.
    • Demonstrates awareness of the patients' status by making program and treatment changes in response to changes in the patient or his environment. Identifies and recognizes problems and responds appropriately, offering solutions and improved outcomes.
    • Documents subjective comments, objective changes, treatment procedures, patient progress and plans for future treatment on the day of the treatment.
    • Contacts the referring physician with complications, progress or with deviations from protocol as appropriate.
    • Demonstrates professional competence with all agents and equipment utilized.
    • Develops appropriate discharge planning based on the individual, with consideration given for the age specific needs of each patient.
    • Demonstrates flexibility in response to the unexpected changes in workload, staffing and scheduling.
    • Treats assigned patients at scheduled time through the utilization of aide and receptionist as needed. When rarely late, verbalizes an apology and reason for delay.
    • Exhibits commitment to continuing professional education by seeking outside education every year
    • Demonstrates a professional attitude and follows ethical guidelines set by the American Physical Therapy Association.
    • Contributes ideas for department and facility improvement. Demonstrates openness to new ideas and willingness to change.
    • Has regular, prompt attendance for shifts, appointments and all meetings. Rarely tardy for shifts, appointments, meetings or returning from breaks. Rarely absent.
    • Punches in and out as appropriate including for lunch. Punches out for all 30 minute uninterrupted lunch breaks which are not paid time. Does not extend hours past their scheduled shift without prior permission from the Director unless for direct patient care. Punches in no sooner than 15 minutes prior to the first scheduled patient and completes work in order to punch out within 30 minutes of scheduled conclusion of last patient unless there is prior permission from the Director or for direct patient care.
    • Participates in drills and emergency response training
    • May be called in for GVH disaster response.
    • Other duties as assigned.

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