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Gunnison, CO

Full Time

Work Hours: Mon- Friday, 8a-5p



The EMS Systems Engineer will continuously analyze, adjust and improve all technological, operational and scientific needs for a safe and successful operation of GVH EMS including improvements in patient outcome. Will provide all necessary up-to-date operational metrics to the EMS Chief, identify shortcomings in and make improvements to daily operations by providing and implementing necessary tools, techniques and procedures. Assess the operational readiness of all emergency communication systems and will implement necessary technological, procedural and use changes in order to improve interagency communications, EMS operations and crew safety. Monitors scientific advancements in the medical, operational and technological areas relevant to EMS and will suggest necessary changes, implement if determined appropriate by the Chief and educate the personnel accordingly. Maintains a close rapport with the EMS Chief and close communications with the EMS Captains and EMS Staff concerning all actions taken and will solicit constant feedback on the effectiveness of the improvements made and which areas still need improvement. Will determine the equipment, materials and data needed for the aforementioned tasks and ensure that any applicable regulatory standards and budgetary requirements are met while providing for efficiency, safety and security in the workplace.

All projects must go through an approval process by an Executive Team member and/or the Executive Team prior to beginning project work.

This position is being approved in the 2020 year under a trial period. At the end of 2020, the position progress and success will be assessed and Executive Team will determine if the position will continue on. During the trial period, this position may also become engaged in GVH health system related projects on a case by case basis as requested and approved by an Executive. This work will be of the same technological nature as outlined in Essential Functions.

This position may also fill in for EMT shifts as needed. When doing so, it is required to meet all of the expectations of the EMT position and clock in under the EMT job code during that time in order to document time appropriately.



Education: A minimum of a master’s degree or equivalent in computer science, electrical engineering, or other information technology fields of study. Successful completion of an EMT class or equivalent higher fields of medical study that meets or exceeds the requirements set forth by the USDOT.

Experience: Minimum five years of experience as an EMT-Basic is required. Further requirements include successful completion of research projects, preferable in the area of pre-hospital care, as evidenced by peer-reviewed publications and examples of work in the area of computer science and programming, electrical engineering and communications network planning, setup and operation. Previous experience in a leadership or supervisory role is preferred.

Licenses/Certification: Due to expectation of filling in for EMT shifts - Required: Valid Colorado state Driver’s license free from restrictions and suspensions. Valid Colorado State EMS certification required –may get within first 90 days of employment if valid EMT certification through NREMT. Must have a current national registry certification, Basic Life Support – AHA Health Care Provider. Must complete required departmental competencies.

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