Job Description

Gunnison, CO


Work Hours: varied



To ensure, in conjunction with the Culinary Services Director and Kitchen manager, high quality and timely meal production and meal service.  The cook will also work with the Culinary Director and kitchen manager to ensure that state and federal required documentation is completed and organized.  Additionally, this employee will ensure high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are consistently maintained within the Culinary Department.


Education: High School diploma, or equivalent, is required. 

Experience:  Minimum of two years in high volume food preparation, or equivalent training, preferred.  

Licenses/Certification: "Safe-Serve" certification, or willingness to enroll in HACCP training, required.


*          Assists Culinary Director to ensure that all meals are prepared and served in a quality manner that reflects positively on the Culinary Department and GVH as a whole.

*          Ensures all meals and snacks are served and delivered at the appropriate time.

*          Ensures, in conjunction with Culinary Manager, that required documentation is completed by culinary staff.

*          Assists in maintaining documentation so that Culinary Manager and Administrator can present statutorily required material in an organized manner.

*          Shows willingness to alter work schedule to work when needed most..

*          Ensure that high standards of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained.

*          Orders supplies and organizes storage areas as requested by Culinary Director or Kitchen Manager.

*          Reports and documents transgressions of Department policies and procedures to Culinary Manager.

*          Reports immediately to Culinary Manager or Administrator any accident or illness of a possible infectious nature.

*          Reports any faulty appliances, equipment, furniture, or ant potential hazard to Culinary Director, Kitchen manager, or plant manager.

*          Maintains and improves professional knowledge and competence by attending educational opportunities as required by Culinary Director.

*          Promotes safe working practices.

*          Maintains knowledge of various the diet orders and the skills to carry them out.

*          Assists Culinary Director and Kitchen Manager in menu planning to promote quality and variety within budgetary restrictions.

*          Reports any acts of maltreatment, neglect, and/or any other violation of GVH policies to Culinary Director, Kitchen Manager, or safety officer.

*          Utilizes food to ensure as little waste as possible.

*          Assists in maintaining and ensuring proper inventory levels, as well as proper rotation and cleanliness of storage areas.

*          Makes appropriate menu substitutions when necessary.

*          Evaluates menu items to ensure proper quantities are served to meet nutritional state and federal requirements.

*          Assists in training of new employees.

*          Participates in drills and emergency response training

*          May be called in for GVH disaster response.

*          Other duties as assigned.

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